What Should I know before flushing?

1. Whether your plumber clears you to use flushable cat litter with your in-home plumbing system.
2. Whether it is legal to flush cat litter in your area (certain area prohibits it, especially in locations near marine areas).
3. If your cat is not in good health, your cat might be Introducing parasites into the waterways.

(Note: Pet waste is classified as a pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency that can "harm fish and wildlife populations, kill native vegetation, foul drinking water, and make recreational areas unsafe and unpleasant.")

Can I flush catOsorb Corn cob cat litter?

catOsorb is made of totally biodegradable tiny grains of corn cobs. Once the soiled litter is flushed and mixed with flush water, the clumped grains gets loosened and break down unlike Bentonite clay. If there is sufficient water pressure, the loose grains can travel through the pipeline to the septic tank. It is advisable to clear the septic tank periodically. It works best when 1-2 smaller portion of clumps are flushed at a time.

(Note: if your cat is not in good health. Your cat might be introducing pathogens into the water ways. Consult your Veterinarian)

Can we use the soiled litter to raise the plant in the pot?

Yes. Soiled catOsorblitter is made of 100% biodegradable resources and it makes an excellent natural manure. It works better than coco peat.

(Note: if your cat is not in good health. Consult your Veterinarian, before using in the pots)

How is catOsorb different from clay-based cat litter?

Tiny granules of catOsorbcorn cob litter breakdown into compost heaps that can be total biodegraded. Whereas clay-based litter doesn't break down in compost heaps (not that you'd want to use cat waste on your vegetable garden), and the clay itself is often derived from materials that are gathered through strip-mining processes.

How frequently I need to replace the catOsorb?

Cats prefer to stay clean by nature. So, they might prefer a clean litter box. There is no need to replace the entire catOsorbin the litter box. Only dirtied portion(depending upon how much mess is created by cat) of the catOsorb can be replaced every alternate day, with the fresh catOsorb litter.

How long can I store the catOsorb?

CatOsorb has a shelf life of one year if kept in packed condition. Once the pack is opened, it can be used up to six months, when stored in airtight condition, immediately after opening.

When Should I contact my Vet?

If you see any type of behavioural changes, inappropriate urination, off feed condition, your otherwise all time-active cat suddenly becomes dull and isolated, then it may require help from a professional.

Can I give some simple medicines to cat before seeking a professional help from a Vet?

Never ever try any medicines on your cat without consulting a Veterinarian. Even, ‘Over the Counter Drugs’ that can be bought without any prescription and the medicines that are used very commonly as ‘safe’ medicines in human beings are contraindicated in cats. They may be fatal. So don’t try any medicines just by looking at the internet! Still, have any questions? We are happy to answer!!

Toxoplasmosis and Cat waste

Cat waste can contain the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. If humans become infected with it, we're normally able to fight it off, but those with compromised immune systems may not be able to. Symptoms from parasitic infection can be flu-like — aches, pain, fever — or people can develop the disease toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis can cause fatal development disorders, loss of eyesight, brain damage, premature birth and death. Many water treatment plants aren't designed to handle those kinds of pollutants, let alone a parasite like T. gondii; they're designed to handle human waste.