Cats - Lovely Companions

Those lovely cats share our lives in a way that most other animals can't. They are the magical creatures on this earth. The warmth and the affectionate feeling they express towards us makes us forget the human relationships. The bond of love and compassion between us and these tiny tots gives us a warm bliss. Cats have been man`s best buddies and they would understand us so well that we don’t even have to say what we want or feel. God has sent them to us to forget our materialistic worries.

  • They are lazy and you want to cuddle them
  • They are lovely and you want to kiss them
  • They are loyal and you want to hug them
  • They are cute and you want to play with them
  • They take us to a different enchanting world
  • Words cannot explain this happiness further!

catOsorb™ is an all-natural corn cob based clumping cat litter. Corn cob litter material per se is being used as bedding material in research activities involving rodents for many decades and found to be safe and proven to have excellent absorbency index. Corn cob litters are also proved to have the highest ammonia and odour control properties

QUALITY Manufactured in state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP certified manufacturing unit with internationally acceptable best quality standards. catOsorb is the only brand in India that uses the most advanced and high-intensity Infra-red sterilization system (US and Indian patent application pending) to ensure the product meets global safety standards.

Why catOsorb™

Choosing the best cat litter for your cat can be a difficult choice simply because there are so many options available. Here are a few features that distinguish catOsorb™ from all the other letters available in the market


#1: Never Use Your Hand as a Toy.
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#2: Hold Your Kitten Often
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#3: Gently Stroke Your Kitten while Holding Them
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#4: Hold Your Kitten Sitting Down, Not Standing Up
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#5: Brush Your Kitten Often
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#6: Clip Your Kitten’s Claws
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#7: Leave a TV or Talk Radio On
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#8: Talk Softly – Kittens Ears Are Sensitive
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#9: Train Positively – Never Squirt Your Kitten with Water!
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#10: Give Your Kitten Unconditional Love and Affection
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What Should I know before flushing?
1. Whether your plumber clears you to use flushable cat litter with your in-home plumbing system.
2. Whether it is legal to flush cat litter in your area (certain area prohibits it, especially in locations near marine areas).
3. If your cat is not in good health, your cat might be Introducing parasites into the waterways.

(Note: Pet waste is classified as a pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency that can "harm fish and wildlife populations, kill native vegetation, foul drinking water, and make recreational areas unsafe and unpleasant.")
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Give Aways for Rescued Cats

We have more concern for the cats that are rescued. As part of our commient to care for the rescued cats, corn cob cat litter free of cost.
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